Recycle your used Inkjet Cartridges

and raise funds for 'the Friends of St Mary's Church'

 empty cartridges are worth £1 each to us


Makes you can recycle include

HP,   Dell,   Lexmark,   Canon,   Samsung,   Neopost.

  Epson and Kodak cartridges are actually ink tanks,
not inkjets and unfortunately we do not get paid for these,

however, they can still be sent off along with our other cartridges for recycling.

Only virgin cartridges on the wanted items list raise money for our charity when recycled.

"Virgin Cartridges" mean cartridges which have not been refilled before

and carry only the original equipment manufacturers branding.

Cartridges don’t have any donation value if:


  • Damaged
  • They have been previously refilled
  • They have been labelled for another brand (like Tesco, PC World or Office Depot)
  • They have labels removed
  • They have extra holes. (Signs that refilling has been attempted)


 - - - - - -

Drop your cartridges into our collecting box just inside the Church door

or hand them to any committee member.

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